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Music is a gargantuan part of my past, present, future, and identity. The songs I play on my show reflect my passion for music and my love for progressive music; specifically progressive rock. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all types of sounds including straightforward, kick-ass rock and roll, metal, hip-hop, pop, jazz, and classical music, but it's the combination of those styles and elements that really excites me.

My love for songs that deviate from the norm started back in Elementary and Middle School when I discovered Rush. From there, I began to obsess over bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Genesis.

Like a true addict, the older I got, the more immersed I became in the world of music. My obsession with and around the self-discovery of different Progressive acts grew at a frenetic pace. I couldn’t get enough!

It’s from this musical philosophy and upbringing which gave birth to the name of my show, “The ProgRock Playground.” In my mind’s eye, I picture all of the genres listed above playing together in a sandbox; exchanging musical ideas, and trading techniques, thoughts and stories.

I don’t proclaim to be a master or some all-knowing prog authoritarian, rather, I just enjoy sharing my love for music that, well, sings to me.

There’s rarely rhyme or reason to the songs I select for each show. There’s often not a theme or a master plan involved (although I do try and pay attention to what song might sound good coming out of the previous song and so on).

I create each show by developing a playlist over the course of a two-week period. I’m constantly adding and removing songs from a deep reservoir of songs that live in my ever-growing library. Each playlist is subject to my mood, feelings, and attitudes at any given moment.

I’m also in a few progressive music Facebook groups which provide inspiration (along with a lot of opinionated, fellow nerds). Finally, I do rely on requests and recommendations from friends, family, and the like.

Here’s the listening/streaming info:

KDNK Listen live every other Wednesday at 9:00 MST.

You can also find shows that you missed HERE. They live on the website up to two weeks after each show. Then they disappear… However, all is not lost! Thanks to my Uncle Mike (webmaster) my playlists will live here on this website for eternity.

Thank you for reading, and listening, and feel free to email a comment or something.

Yours in Prog - Josh


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